WTF is RadReads?

Allow me to re-introduce myself…

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Welcome ?

Yo! My name is Khe Hy and I’m the creator of RadReads. I spent nearly fifteen years in the Hedge Fund industry (according to LinkedIn) ultimately deciding that I wanted to embark on a new journey.


Something in my life was missing. I was adept at hustling but didn’t feel whole. In fact, during this fast paced career, I felt like a passive participant in my own life.

I had a lot of ego. I was scared. I judged. The voices in my head were patronizing and gnarly. Money and promotions were not the panacea that society had promised.

And so began the journey ?

I thought that I would find fulfillment through entrepreneurship. But as the saying goes:

No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.

What ensued was a wandering journey (both in my head and physically) in pursuit of the answer to the question

“What does it mean to live a fulfilled life?”

Using my newly acquired free time, I dove into materials from all types of sources — neuroscience, psychology, fiction, coaching, religion, philosophy, sports, coaching — applying the rigor that I had once used as an investment analysis.

I tested the hypothesis on myself. Reflected on things I had once accepted as truths (i.e. Delayed Gratification is good). Wrote very vulnerably about my fears (particularly of death). Re-centered myself around self-compassion and eliminating judgement. And had a whole lot of fun in the process.

And a community was born …

A phenomenal group of individuals and companies started to coalesce around this vision. There is tremendous joy to be found in Uncomfortable Introspection, embracing the roles that Fear and Ego play in our lives. The belief that love, trust, compassion — the mindset of abundance — were not only the path to happiness and fulfillment, they were the central building blocks of leadership and performance.

More specifically, RadReads is… ?

Yup, you found it. It’s a blog centered around telling stories. Authentically sharing the good and the bad. Keeping it playful and weird. Applying rigor and research to all the ideas that are put forward.

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?We unlock abundance with a select group of companies

We work with a small group of companies who share the ethos of Abundance. It’s core to our belief that Love over Fear, Transparency over Closed Systems, Trust over Control are the only way companies will retain talent in the new economy. Email us (khe[at]radreads[dot]co) to wax about it.

And finally, why is RAD plastered everywhere?

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