Would you make 300 phone calls a day?

Ari Emanuel is a Hollywood rainmaker.

He reps The Rock, Oprah and Martin Scorcese.

He orchestrated mega-deals to acquire the WWE and UFC.

In 2021, he earned an eye-popping $300 MM in total compensation.

And he’s a notoriously intense networker. He makes up to 300 check-in phone calls each day.

While that sounds terrible (and mathematically impossible), you can create your own luck with a non-icky approach to networking.

But first, a word of warning

First, let’s set the record straight. People aren’t idiots. If you’re trying to befriend someone just because it benefits you – you will be exposed.

So instead, shift your mindset to a place of listening, being helpful and genuine care.

1. Start with birthdays

This is easy. Grab your friends’ birthdays and throw them in your to-do list app (or calendar).

Send them something thoughtful – a Loom video or a physical card.

Something that shows you actually care and are thinking of them.

2. Listen and observe on social media

We’ve collectively lost the script on Social Media. We’ve turned it into one-way blasts of self-promotion. (I’m guilty of this too.)

We’ve forgotten that the word “Social” anchors the technology.

So open your eyes and ears.

When someone asks a question – answer it.

If they share an article – recommend a follow-up.

If they’re visiting your favorite city – share your favorite restaurant.

If something rad happens to them – celebrate ’em.

Again, only do it if it comes from a place of Genuine Care.

3. Keep a running “thank you” list

People are awesome. They show up and surprise you in so many ways.

Advice. Feedback. Encouragement. An introduction.

Keep a list of these people. Thank them effusively. Let them know the impact of their actions.

And ask how you could support them.

Friendly reminder: It must come from a place of Genuine Care.

4. Find and share

You’re going to find cool shit to share.

A good podcast episode. A new cocktail recipe. A unique take on a complex issue.

Share it with your crew. I prefer to copy-paste into individual texts and DMs.

(I also try to understand my friends’ preferred method of communication.)

5. Use all the cool tools

There are so many tools out there to stay in touch beyond text messages and DMs.

Loom works great for video.

Audio messages are easy and intimate. (Just don’t make them too long.)

Spotify let’s you share time-stamped podcast episodes.

And of course, you can never go wrong with a dope meme or silly TikTok.

Now this probably won’t get you anywhere close to 300 interactions per day.

But if you’re consistent in how you show up for your friends – great things will happen to them.

(And maybe to you too.)

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