When a loved one triggers you, try this

Parenting is such a trip.

Lisa and I were high-fiving each other after Christmas.

Santa delivered a Nintendo Switch – and suddenly – Instant Childcare!

For 45 minutes each evening, Lisa and I had – gasp – time to watch a TV series.

(Fleishman is in Trouble, godd**n that’s like a RadReads blog series.)

And while we were celebrating, hooting and hollering.

The parenting gods threw us a major curve ball.

Our beloved 5 year added a new step to her bedtime routine.

And boy, it was a gnarly price to pay.

Daddy, I’m scared

Yup, after months of letting us close the door after hugs and kisses – something had changed.

A mix of night terrors and school jitters made bedtime really difficult for her.

And she wanted some to snuggle.

Not for a story.

Not for 15 minutes.

But until she fell asleep.

(Usually 45 minutes.)

Now the snuggles are delicious.

They’re warm. There’s hand holding. There’s that feint almost-snore that indicates that it’s a little too soon to sneak out.

But 45 minutes is a f**ng long time. Especially when your nerves are frayed because of the pending recession.

Or because you could be getting to Inbox Zero.

Or you could be evaluating new marketing strategies.

Or meditating.

So I’m often really annoyed.

First, I’ll try to sneak out under the pretense of “getting more tea.”

Next, I’ll try to do an extended bathroom break.

Ultimately, (and thankfully not always) – I snap.

But what if it was the last time?

It’s a weird question, a backhanded memento-mori of sorts inspired by the tweet below:

One day (quite soon actually) she won’t need those snuggles.

Then, she won’t need me to walk her to school.

Then, she won’t talk to me because dads are lame and don’t get it.

You see where I’m going here.

There’s a last time for everything.

So how would you approach this scenario, if you knew it was the last time you’d ever do it?

Would you be pissed? Or would you savor it?

And there’s a last time for everything.

Both the good. And the not as good.

So if your child asks for that poorly-timed hug – last time.

The nagging call from your parents – last time.

That argument with your spouse – last time.

As the author of the tweet says:

When your life feels stressful, remember:
There is a “Last Time” to everything.
We are finite.
Your struggles are finite.
Your happy moments are finite too.

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