Joe Exotic’s Notion Set-up (an Inside Peek)

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Friends… look what I got a hold of:

It turns out the Tiger King himself, is a Notion power user. You’ll observe how he implements Tiago Forte’s PARA Method to organize the four primary spheres of his life:


  • Projects – defined by end dates and discrete goals (Take Care of Carole Baskin)
  • Areas – no deadlines, but require him to maintain a standard of excellence (G.W. Zoo Finances)
  • Resources – topical areas of interest (Don Lewis investigation)
  • Archive – anything that doesn’t fit the above 3 categories due to lack of interest or completion. (Run for Governor)


(As an aside, I personally add a fifth column for Big Hairy Audacious Goals aka BHAGs)

Now, if you look closely, you’ll see that Joe’s entire life dashboard is truly a minimalist set-up. His entire big cat empire is powered by 4 master databases.

And by using Notion’s most dynamic feature (Create Linked Databases) Mr. Schreibvogel can customize his workflow into a unified system of tasks, notes, and reading lists.

You can see this in action if you click into one of his project pages:

Like the Joe-John-Travis trifecta, these are 3 tables that capture Mr. Exotic’s life’s work. We can zoom in on this project page to see it in action:

And using the combination of FiltersSorts, and Related Tables (i.e. Databases) – the set up above is seamlessly replicated across his entire life

Now Joe isn’t an alum of Supercharge your Productivity. But someone must’ve taught him how to become a Notion Ninja.

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