The Top Stories from Q1

The Top Stories from Q1

We’ve read over 150 articles via the RadReads newsletter this year. Using our Mailchimp analytics, we picked the top 15.

1. The books RadReaders devoured in 2017
Rad.Family | 1,540 views

2. The best relationship advice of the year
WSJ | 1,067 views

3. If you’re so successful, why are you still working 70 hours
Harvard Business Review | 848 views

4. The Marriage Decision: Everything Forever or Nothing Ever Again
Wait But Why | 771 views

5. When Your Body Tells You What Your Brain Won’t
The New York Times | 770 views

6. Perfect your craft: productivity and focus | 658 Views

7. How to make better use of everything you read
Quartz at Work | 598 views

8. Life coaches on Instagram break the first rule of therapy—that’s why it works
Quartzy | 559 views

9. Women Aren’t Nags—We’re Just Fed Up
Harpers Bazar | 538 views

10. My Personal Moonshot
Mercatus News | 534 views

11. How to Deal With Lifestyle Creep
Peter Lazaroff | 528 views

12. How to Make Wealth
Paul Graham | 521 views

13. Your phone is the weakest link in your digital security
RAD Awakenings | 513 views

14. Why We Forget Most of the Books We Read
The Atlantic | 499 views

15. Crafting A Life
The Economist | 499 views

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