The real winner in the Kendrick-Drake beef

Things got nuclear in hip-hop this week.

It was a gift from the heavens for fans.

And for the combatants, it was ugly AF.

In the pursuit of lyrical dominance, they went scorched earth.

Plastic surgery, shoe sizes, ghostwriters, cultural appropriation and baby mommas were all fair game.

And I’m not here to opine on the “winner.”

(Instead, here’s K Dot doing pushups 5 minutes from our house.)

But one person made a savvy decision that we can all learn from.

Dodging a bullet

Fully explaining this beef requires an entire Wikipedia page.

(Or understanding why Drake has so many enemies in the music industry.)

But let’s just say there’s a never-ending debate of who’s rap music’s Big Three.

Kendrick. Drake. Or J. Cole.

Now initially J. Cole was brought into the mix and fired his shot at Kendrick with the song 7 Minute Drill.

However, he immediately regretted it.


Maybe he knew how ugly it would get.

Maybe he thought he couldn’t hang.

Maybe he thought the whole beef was petty clout chasing.

(I promise, I’m going to tie this back to you my fellow Post-Achievement Professional.)

Regardless, J. Cole said his diss track didn’t “sit right with my spirit”, he called Kendrick the “greatest” and asked for forgiveness.

And in a line that sent chills down my spine, he added (emphasis mine):

“The past two days felt terrible. It let me know how good I’ve been sleeping for the past 10 years.

The power of “opting out”

What decisions remind you of how good you’ve been sleeping?

When is opting out, the right decision?

Maybe it’s leaving money on the table.

Or deciding that buying a home ain’t for you.

Or painfully admitting that you’re not ready to manage a big team.

And don’t get me wrong.

J. Cole got attacked when he bowed out of the beef during the early stages.

He got called many mean names. He was turned into vicious memes questioning his manhood.

But maybe he was prescient.

Or just lucky?

But while Drake and Kendrick are out doxx’ing each other and having their homes sprayed with bullets.

J. Cole’s got plans of his own.

Here he is straight chilling on a beach listening to music by himself.

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