The Only Three Podcasts I Listen to on a Recurring Basis

The Only Three Podcasts I Listen to on a Recurring Basis

Jerry Colonna’s Radical Self-Inquiry has Changed my Life. Full Stop.


Working with a coach has been one of the most impactful decisions of my life. Kate Bednarski (5 Stepping Stones) gave me the tools, frameworks, questions, and self-confidence (summarised in my “4 Pillars”) to do this Uncomfortable Introspection. (The other pillars are Compassion, Presence through Stillness, Living your Truth.)

My second coach is Jerry Colonna and the team at RebootHQ. I’ve never met them in person, but their podcasts, in which they interview entrepreneurs in a raw and candid conversation (similar to my sessions with Kate) have changed my life. They are relatable and actionable. Below are 3episodes that I listen to on a regular basis.

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Listen if: You’re unable to be present around your kids

#5 How Do You Define Success? With Joseph Chura

Episode Link (🎧, 58 mins)

“Even when I’m home with my children, I can’t help but think of new innovations. All of a sudden I trigger something and I’m on my phone and away from the present moment.”

How many Rad Readers have “played” with their kids while not being “mentally present” — Instead thinking about a work problem or a new business idea. (I’m raising as many hands as I can.) Maybe you can convince yourself that it’s not about “making more money” (or other sources of external validation) and more the intrigue of “solving difficult problems.” But still — at the expense of quality time with your children? Maybe there is a deeper motivation, one arising from fear. This is a really raw podcast, with a serial entrepreneur who just can’t stop. These types of conversations are similar to the amazing coaching work that I continue to do with Kate.

Listen if: You’re scared to confront what you don’t like about yourself

Episode 14: Shadow and Leadership with Parker Palmer

Episode Link (🎧, 60 mins)

This is a deep podcast about the uncomfortable practice of identifying and embracing our imperfections. The podcast argues that one cannot be an authentic leader without doing this work and examines how both society/corporate America perceive those ready to show their vulnerabilities.

Listen if: Your Fear of Failure is Debilitating

Episode 13: “You are not alone in Fear” with Ben Rubin

Episode Link (🎧, 47 Mins)

“What alleviates the suffering is to lean into the fear.”

I recently led a workshop with a room full of MBAs and asked them to anonymously submit their greatest fear. Failure was the first on this list. But why? We tend to intellectualise the ramifications, but if you sit in that fear, is there more there? In this very raw podcast, the entrepreneur would be “crushed.” Digging deeper though he fears “backsliding” to his younger self, specifically, his teenage self — insecure, uncomfortable with women, heavy social angst. I can strongly relate, in fact, in my discussions with many Type A-Hard Charging-Overachievers in finance and entrepreneurs, this is a recurring narrative (especially with males).

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