Budget like a boss (with YNAB)

Budget like a boss (with YNAB)

When it comes to budgeting and spending, there are two types of people in the world. The Micro-Managers who track the movement of every single penny. And The Avoiders who cover their noses and just trust that spending < income, so everything must be good. The Micro-Managers are brutal disciplinarians who can’t enjoy their spending (and thus the fruits of their labor).

Avoider or Micro-Manager?

On the other hand, The Avoiders are racked with guilt and fear about not knowing if they can truly enjoy their spending (and thus the fruits of their labor).

Thankfully the budgeting app with the snazzy acronym YNAB (short for You Need a Budget) can let us straddle the middle; clarity that enables clear long term thinking on your spending. But more importantly, the ability to know exactly what sparks joy and when to double down on it. And as an extra bonus, it takes < 2 mins a day.

Wait, you’re 40 years old and probably rich?

Well, almost 😉

But yes, our family has a comfortable amount of savings and doesn’t need to worry about fluctuations or variations in our income. That doesn’t mean that knowledge isn’t power. It helps calm the scarcity mindset, monitor lifestyle creep and ensure that your spending and values are aligned.

Knowing your spending is freedom. I summarized it in this tweet:

I want you to taste this freedom and in the spirit of teaching everything I know, I’d be honored to be your YNAB coach. You’ll have the opportunity via email (and Slack) to ask any questions, totally free!

I'm ready to Budget Like a Boss

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