Is your productivity setup one hot mess?

You’ve tried waking up at 4:30 AM (to eat that damn frog). 

You’ve memorized Superhuman’s keyboard shortcuts to win back your precious time.

You take detailed notes on every single Kindle highlight (and then export them to Notion using Readwise).

But Houston, we have a problem.

Productivity is your hamster wheel. To nowhere.

You procrastinate endlessly watching YouTube videos of Ali Abdaal’s productivity setups. (So much for Atomic Habits stomping out that pesky YouTube habit.)

You’re constantly in “react mode” chasing Inbox Zero and responding to Slack messages.

And let’s not talk about that big goal of finally launching your side project?

Well it just sits there collecting dust on your “Someday, Maybe” list.

Productivity has metastasized into a hot mess of anxiety, self-loathing and burnout.

What if you infused productivity with joy and soul?

What if you could say no without the FOMO – and the confidence that opportunities are abundant?

What if you could honor your commitments to your colleagues, friends and family while showing up with love and presence?

What if you could make micro-investments in your future that would transform your business and career?

What if being productive didn’t matter unless it moved you closer to your life’s biggest priorities and dreams?

Make your dent in the universe (with this simple framework)

  • Perform at the top of your game without the unnecessary struggle
  • Channel your time and energy into your most important work
  • Prioritize realistically and ruthlessly on tasks that move the needle
  • Achieve peace of mind so that you can actually enjoy your time off
  • So simple it can be implemented on a napkin (or an elaborate Notion dashboard)
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John Doe

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