How finance professionals scale themselves with $10K Work

Managing billions of dollars for institutional investors is no small feat, but Ted Seides is up for the challenge.

Ted is a hedge fund investor, founder, podcaster and educator. Most importantly, he’s a Supercharge Your Productivity alumnus.

(His entire team took the course too.)

Over the last three decades, Ted worked his way up the ladder in the asset management industry and has established himself as a methodical and unique investor.

And what do you do when you have such great responsibility?

You share your expertise with others.

We call it: Personal Leverage.

Let’s see how Ted has spread his wealth of wisdom.​

Podcasts — what are those?

It was a blustery day in February 2016. While on the ski lift at Haystack Mountain in Vermont, a friend asked Ted:

Do you listen to podcasts?

“No,” Ted answered.

In fact, Ted had no idea that this medium could be used to spread wisdom via interesting conversations to a global industry.

Ted had just published his first book, but podcasts — they were totally foreign to him.

Fast forward to 2022. The podcast has 10 million downloads and is a must-listen for investment professionals.

Ted has interviewed guests like Joel Greenblatt, Annie Duke, Alex Rodriguez and Shane Parrish.

Talk about leverage.

But Ted didn’t stop there.

“Supercharge Your Productivity not only got me started on a powerful platform, but also changed the entire way I think about organizing my information.”


Bringing $10K Work to Professional Investors

After taking Supercharge Your Productivity, $10K Ted translated what he learned about $10K Work into a curriculum for finance professionals with his Capital Allocators University training program.

The students came from endowments, family offices and hedge funds to learn frameworks for leadership, investing and relationship building.

And guess what was featured on Day 1?

Creating Personal Leverage (taught by yours truly.)

I co-taught Day 1 alongside Ted and here’s the curriculum we covered:

(Yes, they still use Microsoft Office & Apple Pages 🙄)

One of my favorite parts of the lecture captured the magic of $10K Work with a detailed breakdown for an Investment Analyst:

This is just one of many ways that Ted incorporates the $10K Work into the Capital Allocators University Curriculum. We’re honored that these leaders and managers get to learn some of the special sauce from Supercharge Your Productivity.

So you’re probably wondering — cool, but I’m not a professional investor. How does this apply to me?

The beauty of the framework is that it transcends industry. In fact, our students represent some of the world’s most iconic institutions and are startup founders, artists, educators, lawyers, doctors, activists, investors, Olympians, civil servants, engineers, small business owners, philanthropists, and more.

Here’s Ted on how the lessons of the course provide leverage across all dimensions of his life:

“I’m faster with my task list, use a streamlined workflow for my busiest work, and even plan and print my babysitter’s schedule with the click of a button.”

If you’re ready to boost your personal leverage, you can’t go wrong by heeding Ted’s advice.

Join our waitlist for the next cohort and get ready to uncover your own personal leverage.

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