Caroline Webb (Ep.22): Behavioral science and your best self

I often get listener pushback when we discuss happiness and introspection — this skepticism comes from the fact that the learnings aren’t grounded in data and they lack the pragmatism and relevance to our daily jobs. Today’s guest, Caroline Webb is here to bridge that gap. She’s a former McKinsey partner, leadership coach, and economist and is used to C-Suiters pushing back on topics that are too “woo-woo.” She’s the founder of SevenShift, where she uses insights from behavioral science to help executives improve their working life. We discuss humans’ natural tendency to scan our environments for threats and how this impacts our brains. Are these threats real? How do we stop negative thought spirals? Is technology a source of threats? And a reader favorite, is fear a good motivator?

Jocelyn K. Glei (Ep.20): Make haste slowly

Jocelyn K. Glei lives at intersection of the creative process, self management, and the future of work. She’s a creative polymath who’s held editorial positions, written a book on escaping email hell, and just launched the podcast Hurry Slowly (iTunes).

Episode 6: Srinivas Rao

Turning your Liabilities into your best Assets Subscribe: iTunes | Google Play | Subscribe And by liabilities, I mean “Angelina Jolie lips.” I’m not kidding, I never thought I’d open a podcast by asking another guy about his lips. And that’s only one of many similarities I share with this week’s guest, Srini Rao, the …

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Episode 1: Tiago Forte

Rewriting the Rules of Productivity and Knowledge Management in a World of Abundant Information Subscribe: iTunes | Google Play | SoundCloud | Subscribe Tiago Forte is the founder of Forte Labs. He’s an incredible thinker on productivity for knowledge workers. In today’s information-driven economy, legacy frameworks such as to-do lists or inbox zero may …

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