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How to challenge the status quo

TIL that Gen Z and millennials are into polyamory – it was 2017’s fourth most searched relationship term. Kids these days. Maybe it’s “just a phase.” Maybe it’s the flicker of cultural change, driven by a generation’s willingness to push back on  longstanding institutions and question social norms. I like to move it, move it There’s …

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Difficult Conversations and why feedback sucks

Management gurus love the phrase “feedback is a gift.” After all, when we take critical feedback from others we improve, develop new skills, and learn about our blindspots. But something about that aphorism rings hollow. We know about this gift, yet approach feedback conversations with anxiety. Once we’re having the conversation, our palms get sweaty and our heart rate …

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Ted Seides (Ep.25): Money makes you more of what you already are

Let’s talk Hedge Funds! Ted Seides is a long time hedge fund investor and the host of the Capital Allocators Podcast. He’s a kindred spirit and we overlapped for a while during the go-go days of the hedge fund industry. While this industry has some of the smartest and hardest working individuals it’s got some perverse incentives, outright greed, and a breeding ground for the Three Es (Ego, Envy, Entitlement — all of which I experienced). The industry is undergoing tremendous change and we discuss sussing out internally motivated individuals, the keys to growing wealth, and how money makes you more… of what you already are.

Caroline Webb (Ep.22): Behavioral science and your best self

I often get listener pushback when we discuss happiness and introspection — this skepticism comes from the fact that the learnings aren’t grounded in data and they lack the pragmatism and relevance to our daily jobs. Today’s guest, Caroline Webb is here to bridge that gap. She’s a former McKinsey partner, leadership coach, and economist and is used to C-Suiters pushing back on topics that are too “woo-woo.” She’s the founder of SevenShift, where she uses insights from behavioral science to help executives improve their working life. We discuss humans’ natural tendency to scan our environments for threats and how this impacts our brains. Are these threats real? How do we stop negative thought spirals? Is technology a source of threats? And a reader favorite, is fear a good motivator?

Lisa Shalett (Ep.8): You are where you’re supposed to be

This week’s episode is a story of career agility, embracing change, and living with intention. Lisa Shalett is a former Goldman Sachs partner, now board director and startup investor/advisor. At Goldman, Lisa held numerous leadership roles, including Japanese Equities, Global Compliance and Brand Marketing/Digital Strategy.

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