Supercharge your Productivity with Notion

Achieve your goals and get more out of life—efficiently.

That’s always been the plan, right?

But instead, you’re replying to emails 24/7, stricken by anxiety since your tasks aren’t in one place, and your best ideas wither away in the back of a Moleskine.

The graveyard of unused productivity apps on your phone are a painful reminder of an elusive goal: a productivity system that sticks.

A system that works for you.

A system that you trust.

And a system that propels you towards your life’s biggest priorities.

The course will teach you how to…

  • Overcome Notion’s steep learning curve to design a system that sticks
  • Create a Life Dashboard to Marie Kondo your digital workspace
  • Master Databases, Relations and Rollups to connect all your ideas
  • Boost your team’s productivity with customized project management tools

It’s a Notion course… but it’s also NOT a Notion course

This course is not a walk through of Notion’s feature set. (You can go to YouTube for that.) Instead, you’ll design a comprehensive system that lets you:

  • Identify and execute $10,000/hour work to scale your skills so that you can live life on your own terms
  • Take giant steps towards your Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGS) 
  • Develop Keystone Habits that take the effort out of living a healthier and more focused life
  • Nurture Key Relationships to say “goodbye” to transactional networking
  • Resurface ideas you read years ago so that they effortlessly improve your PowerPoints and sales pitches

Join our next cohort of high-performing knowledge workers

Our 250 students span 35 countries and represent some of the world’s most notable institutions and companies.

A world-class learning experience

  • Over 250 enrolled students from 35 countries
  • Massive student outcomes (and a measly refund rate of < 1.5%)
  • Delighted and satisfied students shown by a 65 Net Promoter Score
  • Life long friendships and valuable connections across our Alumni Network

The course is currently closed, but…

Our next cohort starts in June 2021.

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