Supercharge Your Productivity

Cohort 11 starts October 4, 2022

We help highly-skilled professionals get more done without working longer hours or hacking together tools.

Supercharge Your Productivity is a 4-week, live, cohort-based course that will teach you the cheat codes, tools, and mindsets that enable you to live life on your own terms.

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The next cohort begins:

October 4, 2022

SYP 8 is now closed. See you in 2022.

I’m Khe Hy. I know what it’s like to mindlessly optimize your life (and still feel like nothing clicks)

"Supercharge your Productivity has unlocked a hidden superpower. It's positively impacted my real estate business and day-to-day coordination with my family."

"I'm making better decisions, faster and more confidently than ever before. The course paid for itself after the first class, but the value keeps growing every month."

Chris Kawaja
Founder at Catarina Ranch Investments
“Personally I realized I’d been living my life based on the expectations of others. It took me 50 years to understand that. It took Supercharge Your Productivity two weeks to reveal that critical insight.”
Managing Member, Cove Investments | COO at Circa

Take a peek inside Supercharge Your Productivity

Starting October 4, you’ll experience the 4-module system you can use to get more done by working smarter.


See the big picture of your life

“I don’t have any time to think,” is a recurring complaint from our overwhelmed students. If you’re always in react mode, it becomes impossible to see the big picture – your why – more clearly. However, mending the difference between your daily tasks and big dreams is the key to getting more done, realistic prioritization and effective time management. You’ll learn how to ask yourself the critical questions that will become your North Star and keep you aligned with your values. You’ll start implementing a proven system which connects your why to the what and how.


Using leverage to maximize your personal ROI

The special (yet overlooked) ingredient to most productivity frameworks is leverage. You’ll learn how to categorize all your tasks and activities across the 4 quadrants of the matrix, so that you can keep your career, business and projects growing while you’re not working. You’ll stop confusing efficiency and effectiveness and we’ll deconstruct real-world examples of entrepreneurs who scaled their companies, managers who lead high-performing teams and corporate rebels who routinely turn their bucket list into a reality.


Stack the Deck in Your Favor with $10K Task Management

Finally a task management philosophy that closes “open loops” and reduces the time spent asking yourself “What should I be working on?” Khe will distill 25 years of productivity research into an actionable set of principles around energy management, quick capture, removing due dates and using meta-data so that the right tasks always find you. You’ll learn how to create the right foundations (i.e. lists of tasks) to focus on the right projects while also tending to the “Important, but not Urgent” parts of your life like your family, health and personal finances. And as a bonus, learn the atelic/telic mindset to reframe the non-productive moments of your life and truly give yourself permission to relax.

module 4:

Set your future self up for a win

The Weekly Review is the keystone habit that brings everything together. (Yet it’s the habit that eludes pretty much all high-performing knowledge workers.) You’ll learn how to de-construct the Weekly Review into four distinct parts so that you can set the right priorities and actually keep yourself accountable. You’ll learn how to get “on top of things” and “in control” of your life – and never slip back into fire-fighting mode ever again. Our built-in template will make this process seamless and you’ll be able to complete your review in under 25 minutes.

“This is more than a productivity class. It’s about figuring out what really matters to you, why it matters, and how to make time for those things that matter."
Shripriya mahesh
Founding partner at spero ventures

You’ll also get…

Fireside chats with Khe

Many students say this is the best part of the course. Khe gets on Zoom to answer questions and talk through concepts to help you put what you’ve learned into action in your life. Some questions are as simple as “what do you think about the tags I’m using to label my tasks in Notion?” and some go as deep as “Why can’t I let go of the desire to be productive and fulfill my true purpose?” All questions are fair game (and there have been a few tears shed during these intimate sessions).

Small group Pods to help you implement what you’ve learned

Just like your favorite college course, you’ll have small-group meetings with a “pod” supported by one of our trained facilitators after the course ends. In your pod, you’ll have time to discuss the lectures, get extra support with your Notion setup, and connect with peers. And if you’re here because you’re trying to make a major life change and need some support, you’ll find a heavy dose of self accountability in your pod.

Built-for-you life dashboard in Notion

We’re building a Notion Life Dashboard for you so you can design your personalized system right away, without tinkering in Notion. This isn’t your typical $5 Notion template: you’ll get the exact productivity HQ that coincides with all of the key foundations of the course, and you can’t find this anywhere else.

In the past, we took students through the process of building their own personalized dashboard from scratch. But during this cohort, you’ll be able to start with a solid foundation (because we made it for you).

Don’t worry, though: If you’re taking the course so you can learn the ins and outs in Notion, you’ll have the opportunity to build from scratch with our step-by-step tutorials. But if you’d rather not start with a blank page, this is for you.

Self-paced Notion activity worksheets

The course is relentlessly pragmatic and we’ll always push you to put your learnings into practice with these pre-made worksheets. They will help you deconstruct and identify your keystone habits, set goals, create your anti-task list and identify your “Important, but not Urgent” domains so that these activities become second nature.

Access to the RADest private Slack Community on the internet

Building relationships is $10K work — and with relationships like the ones you’ll build inside the Supercharge Your Productivity Slack community, you’ll reap the benefits of these relationships for years to come.

You’ll spend your time in SYP with a global crew of RAD professionals. Our students represent some of the worlds most iconic institutions and are:

  • Founders
  • Artists
  • Educators
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Activists
  • Investors
  • Olympians
  • Civil servants, engineers
  • Small business owners
  • Philanthropists

Supercharged zoom call

This isn’t your typical Slack community. Your peers will challenge your assumptions, expose you to unique cultural perspectives, and cheer you on. Past alumni have said that the community was one of the biggest factors in their success during SYP.

SYP students work with some of the most innovative companies in the world

Our Case Studies

Learn how our amazing students apply the lessons from Supercharge Your Productivity to land their dream job, turn chaos into peace of mind and discover their personal leverage

How to nail a life-changing presentation with only 12 hours prep

Rachel Ding

Rachel applied the $10K Framework and asked the right questions to land her dream job in the middle of the pandemic.

How finance professionals scale themselves with $10K Work

Ted Seides

Ted discovered his personal leverage and used it to build a podcast with 10+ million downloads

“I finally stopped leading with my to-do list”

Katherine de Vos Devine

Katherine went from spending hours on her task management to actually getting things done.

Khe has an exceptional ability to challenge and bring out the best in students. But that's not all! The best part is the community and the genuine bonds we build with our peers. A cozy and safe corner on the internet."

The next cohort begins:

October 4, 2022

SYP 8 is now closed.
“Supercharge Your Productivity freed up time and mental capacity. It enabled me to focus, prioritize, and be more productive everyday while executing on the ideas that I’ve had scattered across my notes and brain with no structure whatsoever."
Matt Petre
Director at invesco

The “Love Supercharge Your Productivity or Leave” Guarantee

If you don’t love your purchase of Supercharge Your Productivity, contact us to leave it in the first 30 days, and we will give you a full refund — NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

You see, I’ve spent years building up trust in the RadReads community and I’m not about to jeopardize my relationship with you all.

That’s why I’ve included this risk-free way for you to make an informed decision by test driving Supercharge Your Productivity before you decide to stick around.

With our no-questions-asked guarantee backing you up, the biggest risk for you is to stay stuck with your existing productivity stack, unchecked goals, habits and processes that are standing in the way of your goal to live a more productive and fulfilled life.

I appreciate you and hope to see you on the inside.

With gratitude,

Khe Hy

These professionals, entrepreneurs, parents, leaders, and creators learned to find their $10K work, ask the right questions, and step off the hamster wheel to live life on their own terms.

“The learnings are invaluable and it feels like the gift that keeps on giving.”

Khe is a phenomenal, thoughtful, and incredibly intentional facilitator who goes above and beyond to make sure you extract the most value for your own wants and desires.

Catherine Pao
Professional Coach
“Supercharge your Productivity made me less afraid of systems. It made me see that connectivity IS possible. It has given me room to invest more time into creating systems --because I know that the investment will produce value for myself, for my clients and for others."
Brandi the Greatest
Vice president at I am gym foundation
“I feel much more organized, and it is easy to find what I need when I need it, it has really been worth the time investment to set it all up."
MIRON Constant
Head of UX at ShiftLeft

Proof Our Students Love Us!

Using the pioneered by Bain & Company, we’ve surveyed hundreds of students over the last nine cohorts of Supercharge Your Productivity.

You can see the off-the-charts level of student satisfaction (dare we say, joy) as compared to other iconic global brands with our current score of 64.


“I now get more work done in less time, and feel less exhausted by Friday afternoon. As a solo-entrepreneur, time is my most valuable asset. But I would end my weeks and feel disappointed I didn't get more done. The course's templates and "$10K work" framework reshaped how I structure my weeks. I now get more work done in less time, and feel less exhausted by Friday afternoon. Can't recommend this course enough."
Dan runcie
founder at trapital media

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