Steve Nash on playing the long game

Steve Nash on playing the long game

This is an excerpt from Steve Nash’s 2018 Hall of Fame induction speech. You can watch the full speech on YouTube.

Steve Nash enters the NBA hall of fame

Find something you love to do, Do it every day.

Be obsessed. Balance can come later.
Use your imagination. Put pen to paper. Declare your intentions.
Set small goals. Knock them off. Set more goals. Gain momentum. Build confidence. Grow a deep belief. Outwork people. Play the long game.
You don’t have to be the chosen one.
The secret is to build the resolve and spirit to enjoy the plateaus
The times when it doesn’t feel like you’re improving and you question while you’re doing this. If you’re patient, the plateaus will become springboards.
Finally, never stop striving, reaching for your goals until you get there.
But the truth is, even when you get there, even when you get here standing on this stage, it’s the striving, fighting, pushing yourself to the limit every day that you’ll miss that and that you’ll long for.
You’ll never be more alive than when you give something everything you have.

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