Slay your iPhone addiction in time for summer

Slay your iPhone addiction in time for summer

Barbecues. Pool parties. Music festivals. We’re in that magical part of the year, where we all naturally take our feet off the pedal of achievement and soak in some of life’s delights – both big and small.

And I’m in the bonus rounds. With two tiny kids who love to run around and play, you’d think that I’d have every possible incentive to stay off my phone. Yes, it’s an indispensable part of my life as a solopreneur. But too often it bleeds into the things that matter most – causing fights with my wife and me missing precious moments with my daughters. It always starts off with good intentions – snapping a great photo in portrait mode, yet somehow always deteriorates into Instagram deep dives into the tattoo artists of my favorite NBA players.

I needed a tune-up. And since I’ve written about these topics ad nauseam (including this comprehensive guide), below you’ll find a 5-list of the highest impact ways in which you can slay the $1,000 demon that is your iPhone.

1. Go grayscale

It’s simple. Instagram in grayscale is no fun. Notifications in grayscale don’t cause trigger warnings. Hell, even email is boring in black and white. Here’s how to convert your iPhone to grayscale. (And if going all-in scares you, you can switch between color and grayscale with a triple-tap to the home button.)

2. Disable TouchID

Men, have you ever checked Twitter at a urinal? You nasty, bro! (I do it all the time.) It’s too easy to go for that quick hit, to fill those tiny spaces of our day – the Starbucks line, the elevator ride, and the brief second when your wife looks away. This is the ultimate speed bump. Make your phone just inaccessible enough that when those moments pop up, you actually savor them. Look around. See other people. Be inspired.

3. Use parental controls to block news sites

The incentives around news are broken and we’re living the consequences in the tweet-inspired, 24/7 news cycle. It’s noise, devoid of signal. If you’re politically angry, take action outside of just hate-reading endless articles about injustices. Parental controls are a powerful tool to stop the cycle.

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4. Log out of your social accounts

If you think it’s too much to delete social media apps from your phone, at least try logging out of them. (Unsurprisingly, Instagram and Facebook make it intentionally hard to even log off!) Just like the touchID “speed bump,” just a small extra step may give you enough space to contemplate if you really want to log in.

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5. Plan lots of really really fun stuff

Pardon me for stating the obvious, but it’s hard to be on your phone when you’re days are jam packed with fun stuff. Hang out with friends. Take up a sport. Go on a hike with your kids. Cook with your spouse. The bar to having more fun than an Instagram scroll is surprisingly not that high.

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So give these a whirl; I’ve found that when you actually take life in during those tiny, accidental moments – time slows down. And isn’t that what we’re all craving anyway?

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