Shhh… 25 Pieces of Tactical Advice You Won’t Hear at Commencement

We sifted through 1,300 articles to find you the gems

We compiled this list to help you learn, grow, lead, and discover yourself. I’ve had the privilege of learning many of these bits in my 38 years, yet even as I wrote this, I realized how I still need to reapply these lessons daily. Congrats, class of 2017!

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Here’s the list…

25. Eye Contact Builds Trust (Gen Z, take note)
Just Look me in the Eye Already

24. The Ability to do Deep Work is a Competitive Advantage in the Digital Economy
Deep Work: Cal Newport on the Ezra Klein Show (Podcast)

23. Minimize Cognitive Burden using the “Touch-it-once” Approach
One Touch to Inbox Zero

22. Storytelling (and not facts alone) is the key to changing hearts and Minds
Pixar’ 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling

21. Fear is not a motivator. Stop with the negative self-talk
Shirzad Chamine on Self-Compassion and Negative Self-talk (podcast)

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20. Create space for self-reflection and learn to quiet your mind
The Busier You Are the More Quiet Time You Need

19. Disabling TouchID and setting your iPhone to Grayscale will help you concentrate
Stop Your iPhone Addiction

18. A Life Coach is one of the best investments one can make
Navigating Your Fear and Insecurities with RebootHQ (Podcast)

17. Time is finite. Energy is not.
Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

16. Everyone is accountable to someone. Learn how to Manage Up.
The 15-minute weekly habit that eased my work anxiety — and made my boss trust me more

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15. Connect ideas across disciplines as you read (it’s hard but so worth it)
The Three Most Effective Ways to Take Notes While Reading

14. Shift your world view from Scarcity to Abundance
The Remarkable Advantage of Abundant Thinking

13. Cultivate the Weak Ties in your network
Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg

12. The Quality of your life is measured by the Quality of your questions
How to Become World Class at Asking Questions

11. First specialize, then broaden as quickly as you can
Beyond the 10,000 Hour Rule: How to Become an Expert Generalist

10. The marginal happiness of money plateaus way earlier than you think ($75,000)
I Spent 15 Years Confusing Money with Happiness. Here’s How I Learned to Stop

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9. Don’t work so hard.
The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

8. You are so unique and you’re own “Tribe of One” — Always remember that
Don’t Compare Yourself to Others — The Envy Problem

7. Experimentation requires risk taking
The Cook and the Chef: Elon Musk’s Special Sauce

6. Recognize that humans “default setting” is self-centeredness
This is Water (David Foster Wallace)

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The top 5 cover a wide range of topics that can’t be summarized in a headline. Invest the time in each of these pieces.

5. Define your own value system. Or else someone else will define them for you.
Ray Dalio’s Principles

4. Judging others makes you really unhappy.
Naval Ravikant on Ego, Reading, Mindfulness, and the Meaning of Life (Podcast)

3. Identify misplaced incentives.
10,000 Hours with Reid Hoffman: What I Learned

2. Avoid intense ideologies. Understand the other side.
The Munger Operating System

1. Evolve.
Byron Wien’s Lessons Learned in his First 80 Years

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