Help yourself before you help others

Meet Sean.

He guides students by day and explores hobbies by night.

After spending eight years consuming all the latest productivity advice, he was stuck.

I read the books, jumped on the app or tool of the week, and yet always felt a stinging sense that I wasn’t making meaningful progress.

Caught in a cycle of frustration:

Sprinting for a few months with a new hobby—writing online, learning to code—but watching the initial spark fade and never finding flow.

I’d get really excited about one thing, then switch directions every 3-6 months and never commit to what was most important.

Sean’s daily tasks were a mess and he couldn’t prioritize them.

He felt a fleeting passion and couldn’t persevere.

Supercharge Your Productivity (Cohort 9) was open for enrollment, but he was on the fence.

Could another course fulfill this need?

What if there was an easier way?

Letting go is the most productive thing you can do

In SYP, he found a place to confront the meaningful questions, aimed towards living an examined, joyful, and productive life.

Now, with that foundation and awareness, he chooses what is worth his attention. Only then, can he truly get things done that matter.

After the course, he lives with intention and is ruthless about saying no.

Whenever he finds himself in a difficult situation, his Alignment and North Star questions cut through the fog of uncertainty.

What’s more, he looks forward to his weekly review: the planning and prioritization exercise that makes sure nothing falls through the cracks.

And the most amazing part of his story?

Sean soaked in the entire SYP experience without ever attending a live lecture.

He caught up with the replays and engaged with the asynchronous online community.

With clarity, confidence and self-compassion, Sean takes care of his own needs first, so that he can generously take care of others.

Check out this rad piece that Sean published with his newfound creative time.

Sean also writes about practical mindfulness on Twitter:

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