RadReader book recs: April 2018

RadReader book recs: April 2018

When it comes to discovering new books, why rely on an algo, when we’ve got the #RadFam continuously reading, reviewing and recommending books. When possible, we’ve tried to include a preview (excerpt, podcast, or Ted talk). Here are some favorites from this past month:

by Ariel Levy
🗣: @jkglei, @khemaridh
A memoir on the intersection (and tragedy) of individuality, ambition, and feminism. I (Khe) couldn’t put it down, an absolute page turner. A preview from the New Yorker.


by Annie Duke
🗣: Evan Ratner
Duke, a top poker player in the world draws on her experience and the field of cognitive psychology to help us make better decisions. A preview from Ted Seides’ Capital Allocators podcast.

by James Scott
🗣: @amaxwell
Scott argues that 1) modern civilization was made possible by farming, but that 2) civilization may actually be worse than living in a hunter-gatherer society. A preview from The Weekend Reader.

by Byron Katie
🗣: @cschweitz
This book gives you four questions that allow you to see something that’s troubling you in an different light and is about learning to appreciate “what is.”

by Josh Waitzkin
🗣: @rhughesjones
A young chess master (who was the protagonist in Searching for Bobby Fischer) goes on to master martial arts and reflects on learning strategies from both the East and the West. A preview from the Tim Ferris Podcast.

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