We help companies get more done by working smarter

We’ll implement Notion for your team so that you can collaborate with ease and turn your mission into reality.

We'll give your company one tool to rule them all

Finally, a solution to streamline all of your tasks, notes, Wikis and OKRs in one place. You can say goodbye to:

  • The infinite stream of notifications and pings
  • Never-ending email threads that don’t lead to closure
  • Duplicating the same work (over and over again)
  • Constantly searching for the right document

Notion is the premier all-purpose tool that helps your team row in the same direction (and is a pure joy to use).

Meet our Rad Clients

Running a corporate venture group means a process-heavy approach to finding and researching opportunities. What used to be a mish-mosh of web tools is now a tight process that all team members can access through a series of dashboards.

What really blew me away was the speed of which we were able to create these (with ZERO coding experience) thanks to The Rad Studio.

Alexis Burdick-Horowitz
Former Head of Lego Ventures

Notion has completely transformed the way our team gets things done. I’d been running my business in notebooks and Google Docs for years and was really skeptical that a new tool would change anything.

Today, Notion is our project management system, course dashboard, CRM, SOP warehouse, idea factory—and we continually uncover new ways to leverage what we learned from Khe about Notion. Absolute no brainer investment.



You can't run your business using a free template you found on YouTube

We’re a full-service consultancy of 7 professionals whose mission is to set up your internal architecture so that you can focus on what you do best.

Here’s why are the right team for your company’s implementation:

  • We train Notion’s new employees how to use Notion (yup, you read that right)
  • Khe was one of the first Notion Ambassadors and a recognized productivity thought leader
  • RadReads is the Internet’s top destination for Notion resources
  • We are one of 30 certified Notion consultants
  • Our team of 7 professionals includes 2 certified Notion Ambassadors

Khe Hy
Founder of RadReads

  • Khe is at the forefront helping individuals and their companies lead productive, examined and joyful lives
  • Before starting RadReads he managed the NYC research team for BlackRock, one of the largest asset managers in the world
  • He’s a trailblazer in the no-code space and one of the first Notion Ambassadors
  • Khe’s work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, TedX, Quartz, Barron’s, LifeHacker and many other publications
  • Creator of $10K Framework for getting more of the right things done

Kate Berglund
Product Manager of The Rad Studio

  • Kate is passionate about systems & design thinking and solves problems from the ground up.
  • She is certified in Permaculture Design and regularly applies this regenerative framework to teams, workflows and organizations.
  • Prior to founding Rad Studio with Khe, Kate built a profitable Notion consulting business helping teams and individuals find alignment through systems design and implementation.
  • Previous experience spans the social sciences, event production, wellness and hospitality.
  • Creator of Personal Permaculture framework, using nature to design better lives and careers.

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