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First, wow — what a way to end the year with an amazing profile “Oprah for Millennials” (on CNN nonetheless) written @byheatherlong. I’ve been called a lot of names in my life, but never…

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?The Dangers of External Comparison

? Dirty Term Sheet of Life (RadReads.co)
Are you optimizing your life towards the right parameters?[Tweet This]

I Spent 15 Years Confusing Money with Happiness (Quartz)
Avoiding “status cocaine” and the marginal value of a dollar. ?

The Station (Robert Hastings)
This poem reinforces the beauty of the journey vs the destination. On the list to read each quarter. ?

The Problem with Millennials: They’re too hard on themselves (Harvard Business Review)
The social media effect and finding relief in solitude.

Striving for Success, Avoiding Status Cocaine, and Prioritizing Happiness (Ben Casnocha) ?

? Happiness is a Learned Behavior

? Naval Ravikant on Happiness Hacks (The Tim Ferriss Show)
If you listen to one thing, this should be it.

Harvard’s Positive Psychology Course (Tal Ben Shahar)
The most popular class at Harvard and the syllabus. Really good too.

What Makes a Good Life: Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness (TED)
It’s all about the quality of your relationships.

? Manage Your Mindset

? Fingers of the Mind (Breaking Smart)
Emotional self-regulation as a “competitive advantage.” ?

Learning to be Kind to Yourself has Remarkable Benefits (Aeon) ?

You are not alone in Fear (The Reboot Podcast)
How are your childhood fears driving professional adult anxieties ?

Regrets of the dying (The Guardian) ?

Tail End (Wait But Why)
What does a 90 year human life look like in weeks?

? Living With Intention

? 257 Hours on the F Train (Jasdev Singh)
A playbook on how a 24 year old chooses to live with Intention.[Tweet This]

I Stopped being a Passive Participant in my Own Life (RadReads.co) ?

Goals vs Systems (Dilbert)
Careful with goals around New Year’s Resolutions time. ?

?How we Learn

? How to Become World Class at Asking Questions (Patrick Obolgogiani) ?

Mental models I found useful (Gabriel Weinberg)
A must-read playbook on frameworks to synthesize learning.

Munger Operating System (Farnam Street)
Charlie Munger reflects on life, investing, and learning. Really good.

Fixed vs Growth Mindset (Brain Pickings)
Carol Dweck’s seminal work on failure, process, and learning.

? Business and Leadership

? The Remarkable Advantage of Abundant Thinking (First Round Review)
Abundance = when the universe is conspiring in your favor, in this case, for companies.

Radical Candor (First Round Review) ?

The End of Capitalism Has Begun (The Guardian)
Paul Mason on information abundance, automation, and collaborative production.

Conscious Business (Fred Kofman)
Great presentation of business being in harmony with values.

? Profiles

Conversation with Greg Popovich (Hoopshype)
Coach Pop on true leadership, commitment to team, and players as individuals before athletes.

Stronger Together (The Crimson)
The Harvard Women’s Soccer team on unity, perseverance, and compassion — even after being objectified by their male teammates.

Barack Obama: The Exit Interview (Vanity Fair)
On seeking debate, unity and the emotional self-regulation it takes to be commander in chief.

Sam Hinkie Resignation Letter (ESPN)
A treasure trove of self-analysis, long-term thinking and behavioral analysis aka “The Process.”

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