The paradox of the “perfect life”

“It’s strange being rich.”

I was at a networking dinner with a 42 year old SaaS founder.

He had just sold his company. For an eye-popping $70 million.

Yet he was busier than ever.

Setting up trusts, implementing tax-loss harvesting and hiring a house manager.

But his biggest worry:

“Will someone marry my kids for money?”

His kids are 10 and 12.

When perfect (is not perfect)

Consider this thought experiment.

You and I both aspire to lead rich and fulfilling lives.

Good lives.

Some might even say perfect lives.

Let’s imagine that you worked assiduously to get that perfect life.

You have the perfect job.

Impactful, high-paying and the ability to be hybrid.

You had the perfect home.

Massive square footage, impeccably furnished and immaculately clean.

You had the perfect spouse.

Smart, sexy and a wonderful co-parent.

You had the perfect body.

Low BMI, 6-pack abs and a full head of hair.

Things are perfect. Or are they?

Just like the guy with $70 million who’s scared that he’ll have to fend off gold diggers – have you created a new set of worries?

Perfect is impermanent

Congrats, you’ve achieved this perfect life.

Your prize? You need to maintain it.

You’ve got to hire cleaners and landscapers.

You’re always checking your email to ensure that you’re performing at the highest-level.

You’re scared to sit on your Eames chair for fear of scratching it.

You’re constantly working out to keep that 6-pack.

Heck, if your spouse is such a catch – you’re nervous that they’re being hit on by other younger, more attractive suitors.

And these are the things that you can control.

It doesn’t account for aging parents, kids getting teased in school, male pattern baldness and some friends deciding you’re too bougie for them.

So you’re faced with a choice

Do you fight the impermanence of perfection by adding more? By doing more?

Or do you surrender to the fact perfection just existed in a single point of of time.

And that it was an illusion this entire time.

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