Notion: The complete guide to getting started

Notion: The complete guide to getting started

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Imagine being able to scale yourself, your income and your free time. Meet Notion – an app that lets you effortlessly combine documents, tasks, spreadsheets and databases to suit your workflow.

It’s sleek and clean. It brings joy and inspiration to the creative process. Here’s our getting started guide.

1. A Notion Overview

What is Notion? How do I get it? And what apps will it replace. Our Notion Overview will answer all of these questions.

2. Launch your first Notion Project

OK, so you got the app and are greeted by a blank page. Now what? This 12-part video tutorial will walk you through a case study exposing you to every single feature.

3. Start creating templates

Notion is a gamechanger, whether you’re an executive, entrepreneur, leader or student. We’ve created a series of short video tutorials highlighting Notion’s versatility and its broad set of use cases.

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