Learn Notion – The Ultimate Notion Course for Beginners

Notion Course for Beginners

Learn how to use Notion with this awesome (and free) Notion Course, designed specifically for Beginners taking their first steps and Advanced Users who want to brush up their knowledge and make sure they’ve mastered the key concepts. After these lessons, you will

  • have a solid understanding of how to set up your workspace
  • understand the core features of Notion and why it’s such an incredible tool
  • leverage the different building blocks to build a system that works for you

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Notion Course Module 1: Let’s Get Started

In this Module of the Notion Course, you’ll learn

  • how Notion works and why it is different than other note-taking tools
  • how to navigate your Notion workspace using the sidebar
  • how to back up your Notion workspace to protect your data

How does Notion work?

If you open Notion for the first time, it can be a bit confusing. Where are your folders? What is a page? And how are you ever supposed to find anything? Don’t worry – here’s all you need to know about Notion’s core architecture.

Notion Course Module 1 – Files & Pages

Navigating Notion with the sidebar

Learning a new tool can be intimidating. What are all these UI elements supposed to do? Here’s how you can use Notion’s sidebar to quickly navigate around your workspace.

Notion Course Module 1 – The Sidebar

How to back up your Notion workspace

Notion is a cloud-based service with currently no option to keep your data offline on your own computer. That means it’s important to regularly back up your data. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to do so if you know where to look.

Notion Course Module 1 – Backing up your Workspace

Notion Course Module 2: The Building Blocks

In this module of the Notion Course, you’ll learn

  • how to use Notion as a basic text editor
  • how you can use Notion’s various blocks to design beautiful and complex pages
  • how to quickly add templates from other people to your workspace
  • how to save any web page to Notion
  • how to collaborate with others in Notion
  • how to leverage Notion’s Template Button for recurring tasks

How to format text in Notion

Notion is far more than just a note-taking tool – but it is still a great text editor. Here’s how you can use Notion to write anything from short notes to yourself to your next novel.

Notion Course Module 2 – Text Editor

How to design your Notion Page

Unlike traditional text editors, Notion gives you near infinite freedom in how you want to design your page. Here’s a quick overview over various design elements that you can use to make your Notion workspace your own.

Notion Module 2 – Formatting a page

How to download (and duplicate) a Notion Template

Notion makes it super easy for users to share their creations with others using templates. Here’s how you import these templates into your own workspace.

Notion Course Module 2 – Duplicating Templates

Looking for some awesome Notion Templates to get started? Upgrade your workspace with our free Notion Powerpack:

How to use the Notion Webclipper

Notion makes it super easy to grab content from the web and import it into your workspace. Whether you’re collecting recipes to build the ultimate cook book, use Notion as your Read Later App or simply to remember all the cool tools you find online, you definitely need to know how to use Notion’s webclipper.

Notion Module 2 – Notion’s Webclipper

How do you share a Notion page with someone?

Notion is awesome in single player mode – and it also excels if you need to collaborate with someone. Here’s how you can easily share your Notion workspace with others to get your team (literally) on the same page.

Notion Module 2 – Sharing Permissions

How to use the Notion Template Button

To finish off Module 2 of the Ultimate Notion Course, let’s take a closer look at one of Notion’s awesome blocks: the template button. Use this feature to speed up repetitive tasks and to make sure that you don’t waste too much time doing $10 work in Notion.

Notion Module 2 – The Template Button

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