Notion Consulting with Khe Hy

Have you become a prisoner to your tools?

Did you know the average executive spends 4.5 hours per week looking for lost files. And while you’re frantically searching for that old sales presentation, consider what’s being left behind?

  • A long overdue 1:1 with your COO.
  • Sitting down to write a detailed update for your board.
  • Or something even crazier… taking your kid for a walk.

The remedy was supposed to be yet another tool. Finally migrating project management from Trello to ClickUp. Creating a DIY CRM in Airtable. Streamlining your marketing materials in Confluence. All delicately stitched together with Slack, shared gDocs and the occasional email.

Your not working on your business

Nope. With this endless game of tech stack whack-a-mole you’re working in your business. Yup, you’re choosing $10 work – i.e. the path of least resistance at the expense of $10,000 work.

And then you were introduced to Notion. Billing itself as the “all-purpose app” to unify tasks, notes, databases, wikis, and project management it promises to boost your team’s output as the “missing half to Slack.” Yet you open Notion only to be greeted with a blank page. A few clicks later, you see an endless stream of “blocks.” So what’s next?

Scale Notion’s steep learning curve

Boards. Roll-ups. Relations. Backlinks. Linked databases…

Just when you think you’re working on your business you get sent down a YouTube rabbit hole. Next thing you know, you’re customizing emojis for your pages – and still can’t find that marketing presentation.

I’m Khe Hy and our team’s here to help

Over the past decade, I’ve helped hundreds of high-performing executives and business owners get dialed into their biggest priorities through individual coaching, corporate trainings, keynote speeches, in-depth articles and tutorials.

I have used, analyzed and tested thousands of productivity tools and am convinced that Notion is truly a game changer.

I teach Supercharge your Productivity, the world’s premiere Notion course and have worked with clients at Lego VenturesUber and BCG to implement systems to scale their businesses, streamline their information and boost team productivity.

What our clients are saying

Chris Sparks

Founder and CEO of The Forcing Function

Notion has completely transformed the way our team gets things done. I’d been running my business in notebooks and Google Docs for years and was really skeptical that a new course or tool would change anything. Today, Notion is our project management system, course dashboard, CRM, Kanban board, SOP warehouse, idea factory—and we continually uncover new ways to leverage what we learned from Khe about Notion. Absolute no brainer investment.

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