Building a Net Worth Tracker using No-Code

Building a Net Worth Tracker using No-Code

The completion of a quarter is typically accompanied by some personal house cleaning. A GTD (“getting things done”) review of the Important, not Urgent, paying estimated taxes, a marital money review, and updating the bean counters that measure your personal assets.

As an investor with a very long-term horizon, I’ve long eschewed directly linking my accounts using Mint or Personal Capital. Not only are the daily mark-to-market fluctuations distracting, they can create an imagined (and false) urgency to take action. Additionally, with a small portfolio of private investments, I wanted something I could tailor to my own preferences, including:

  • Ease in inputting and updating each quarter
  • Ability to customize risk profiles for private investments
  • Calculate expected returns
  • Ability to run simple scenario analyses
  • Create multiple views around liquidity, tax-deferred accounts

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