Lisa Daron Grossman (Ep.33): Curing loneliness through human connection

Lisa Daron Grossman (Ep.33): Curing loneliness through human connection

Lisa Daron Grossman landed in Swaziland as a 22 year old Peace Corps volunteer. The country had the world’s highest incidence of HIV and lowest life expectancy. Her team’s mission: mitigate the impact of the HIV epidemic. She was surrounded by loss and grieving – in her own words “It literally me open, like a sledgehammer to my chest.” Yet she was also surrounded by love, family, and community. She returned to the US with unprocessed trauma, depression and illness and a dual life of odd jobs that eventually led her to the world of coaching. Today, she’s launching a cross-country project called the Connection Cure, trekking around the US looking to reinstill our lost sense of community and belonging.

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Lisa on learning how to emote

Intimacy was not easy for me growing up... crying in front of people was very i was in a place where if you didn't emote, you couldn't survive... to emote is to survive.

Lisa on experiencing the full range of emotions

Swaziland literally broke me open... it was like somebody took a sledgehammer and ripped open like concrete on my chest

On the spiral of being trapped professionally

Fear of staying stuck is more terrifying than the fear of changing... I said to myself oh my god...

Lisa sees the benefit of a growth mindset

When you are in a growth mindset you are in a state of curiosity, and what happens when you are in a state of curiosity is you can actually see out of your peripheral vision, so there is more possibility.
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