“I stopped leading with my to-do list”

“Supercharge Your Productivity felt more like an awakening, than a training.”

That’s Katherine de Vos Devine: an entrepreneur and lawyer serving the legal needs of creative artists.

Although she was already well versed in David Allen’s Getting Things Done philosophy, Katherine unearthed many powerful realizations during the ninth cohort of Supercharge Your Productivity.

After finishing the course, she now delights in using Notion for both her personal and professional life.

But this wasn’t always the case.

Let’s rewind to just a few weeks before the course began.

“We were like a popular restaurant. Successful on the outside. Hectic on the inside. Anxious to serve our customers well.”
The good news: her business was growing exponentially.

The bad news: her business was growing exponentially.

Katherine was stoked about the steady stream of clients, but she felt like things were spinning out of control.

How could she manage all the things that needed to be done?

“I was spending too much time in the task management system instead of doing the actual work.”

In the midst of this stressful season, she stumbled upon a RadReads article titled You’re not rich (if you’re constantly doing this).

This sent her down the Rad Rabbit Hole and next thing you know, she had enrolled in the course.

What if it were easy?

After digging deep into her vision, dreams and insecurities – Katherine found the proper motivation to restructure her business and leverage the skills of her small team.

What’s more, she discovered a joyful and playful freedom in experimenting with her productivity system. This system enabled her to gracefully combine the practice of law, the finances of operating a business and the care of dealing with people.

“I can iterate and experiment in Notion without judgment.”

After the cohort, Katherine has carved out a sacred hour each morning for her physical routines. With a deep awareness of her energy shifts throughout the day, she knows what to work on and when, no longer directed by her to-do list.

Goodbye, work-life balance.

Hello, work-life integration.

“After SYP, I can implement my deepest beliefs in my daily activities.”

Katherine’s story is just one of the many examples of getting more done, without working more hours.

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