Kate Bednarski (Ep.7): Is This All There Is?

I often get asked the questions: What is a life coach? What does life coaching consist of? Does it work? Meet my coach, Kate Bednarski, hands down one of the most impactful people in my life. I’ve asked Kate to throw out all patient confidentiality constraints and crack open all of her notes from our coaching sessions.

We start with our first meeting, where I showed up “jacked up on caffeine” a 34 year old guy rife with many internal tensions. I had a messed up relationship with time — there was never enough, yet I wanted to accomplish so much that it was affecting my marriage and relationship with my daughter. I was also in the midst of a successful career in hedge funds, yet lived from a scarcity perspective, clinging to the belief that delayed gratification was the only way to live and that money was the ultimate scoreboard for life. At the end, as you guys will know, most of these anxieties emanated from a deep rooted fear of my own mortality. Kate coaches many hard-charging, high achievers, many of whom reach inflection points in their career and find themselves asking “Is this all there is?” Read more about Kate’s amazing work at 5 Stepping Stones.

More about Kate

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Show Highlights

“You Create meaning, you don’t go find it.”
Kate Bednarski-Cohen

What questions are people asking when the decide to work with you?

They’re hard-charging high-performers at inflection points in their careers, where they find themselves asking: Is this all there is? How do I create meaning in my work? How do I create meaning in my life?

Kate’s Five Tenets of Freedom

The Role of Stillness and Meditation

Stillness is a requirement for my clients, they have to have some sort of stillness practice, it doesn’t have to be meditation practice that can quiet their minds down and give them some space for at least 12 minutes a day.


Creating space for reflection

“You didn’t have time in your day for reflection — every moment of your day was programmed from the moment you woke up. And when we program every moment — there’s no space for reflection, no space for insights, where creativity comes.

Khe’s struggle with grasping his own Mortality

“We live into our purpose for the entire journey of our lives. It’s not a destination.” Kate Bednarski-Cohen

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