Jocelyn K. Glei (Ep.20): Make haste slowly

Jocelyn K. Glei lives at intersection of the creative process, self management, and the future of work. She’s a creative polymath who’s held editorial positions, written a book on escaping email hell, and just launched the podcast Hurry Slowly (iTunes). Tactically, we chat about how people with corporate jobs can “flex their creative muscles” and why inbox zero is so damaging. Theoretically, we debate the subjective nature of time, how productivity requires a deeper conversation on achievement, and how the best things in life are imperfect and thus cannot be optimized.

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How new technology privileges speed

Time is accelerating almost out of our control, the technologies that we use now really privilege speed and we’re inheriting this set of digital values.

Creating a “To Read” folder

I literally have called “To Read” for things I only need to read. I’m constantly dragging things out of my inbox, for later when I actually have time — to read. The triage is both relaxing and effective for clearing out that clutter.

Conviction in identity is required to navigate technology

The volume of chatter, requests, and email that are incoming each day demands such a conviction of identity and a conviction as to how you think you could structure your day in order to fend that off.

On the dangers of optimizing everything

All the things that matter the most to us, it could be your favorite jacket that’s worn in a certain way, or the relationship you have in your marriage. These things are worn and they’re imperfect and in many ways they can’t be optimized. The best things in life can’t be optimized.

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