Jeff Warren (Ep. 36): You Are What You Repeatedly Do

Jeff Warren (Ep. 36): You Are What You Repeatedly Do

My happy place is interviewing a high energy meditator who curses like a sailor. Jeff Warren is a meditation teacher and the co-author of Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics (alongside Good Morning America’s Dan Harris). We talk a lot about mental health and Jeff’s longtime struggle with ADD, which to this day impacts his sense of acceptance and belonging. This conversation is nothing like what you’d expect from two meditators – it’s high energy, very personal, and pragmatic. We cover the daunting long game (i.e. lifetime) of meditation, how the stories around us can shape our reality (à la Sapiens), and how meditation is one of those small habits that unquestionably improves our happiness AND stops the endless and draining mental chatter.

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On the dangers of not regulating your inner emotions

The inner game of learning how to be more honest, vulnerable, and centered in who you are equals the outer game, eventually. It begins to overflow into the outer world and becomes more effective in addressing those challenges. So stuffing it down, being “a man about it” that is great, until you realize you're bring all your own aggressions and distortions to the work you're doing and you're actually spreading around more pain.

Jeff on Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics

You are what you repeatedly do.

Rediscovering rooms of your mansion

The metaphor I use is that of a mansion. We're born in a mansion, the entirety is our inheritance. But room by room we begin to shut it up - we're afraid to go in this room because we don't like this, or this person hurt us and we don't want to see them, or we don't want to do this. We're closing down our experiences until we find this little tiny safe space under the stairs where we can hang out. And `{`meditation`}` practice is about saying “fuck that” I'm reclaiming the mansion. Room by room, you go in and face each of these things. Meanwhile we're having extreme experiences under the stairs, we're not growing as people.

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