Introduction to eastern philosophy

Introduction to eastern philosophy

I never considered myself a spiritual or religious person. In fact, as a left-brain engineer, much of my worldview has been through the lens of data, logic, and empiricism. It took leaving the corporate life to really appreciate that there was something deeper missing an openness to the unexplainable. I’ve drifted into eastern philosophy and mindfulness through the texts below. I’ll caveat that they are very “western” and pop-psy-y, but alas, everyone has their own gateways.

Blog posts and articles

Rad Awakenings Podcasts

  • Jeff Warren – My favorite podcast in which we really dig into what the “self” means.
  • Andrew Taggart – We philosophize on conformity, time, and spiritual openness.

Other Podcasts


  • Positive Intelligence, Shirzad Chamine – I absolutely loved this book. Not explicitly Western, but an exploration as to why we self-sabotage with a heavy focus on judgement. Listen to Shirzad on Rad Awakenings.
  • 10% Happier, Dan Harris – I loved the skepticism and pragmatism that Good Morning America’s Harris brought to his research on Buddhism.
  • Tao Te Ching, Stephen Mitchell version – I’m blown away by how these simple maxims on life are so relevant, 2500 years later.
  • Why Buddhism is True, Robert Wright – A fantastic exploration on the “self.”
  • Let your Life Speak, Parker Palmer – Palmer is a Quaker philosopher, but believe it or not, has many overlapping ideas with Eastern Philosophy.

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