Part 1: Building a course on Financial Independence

Part 1: Building a course on Financial Independence

Welcome to a multi-part series on creating my first online course. Check out Part 2 here.

My beloved RadReaders, come join me as I take the plunge. RadReads started as a passion project – a newsletter and a blog. Over the years it’s become my de facto job, albeit one that is currently unable to cover our living expenses. My coaching practice is close to crossing (on an annualized basis) the six-figure threshold and I’m excited to open-source my latest project: creating a digital course on Financial Independence.

A humble invitation to join my learning journey

I’d be lying if didn’t describe this project a valiant attempt to generate that elusive passive income. But at it’s core, it’s an extension of RadReads and my philosophy to take you on my learning journey. I’m dedicated to open-sourcing the entire process – both good and bad – so that hopefully you can apply the tools and practices in your own work.

Each week, I’ll recap my process which will include:

  • How I landed on the topic of Financial Independence
  • The process of hiring a business coach
  • De-risking the time commitment with an MVP
  • How to build a sales page
  • The tech and marketing stack
  • How to leverage a Mailchimp email list
  • The launch and promotion strategy
  • The financial costs and pricing strategy
  • And of course the endless self-doubt and impostor syndrome

I hope you’ll join me on this adventure. And as usual, I’ll try my best to answer all of your emails as they arise.

With Gratitude,


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