How to use “cap” and “rizz” in a sentence

Our dinner conversations have been evolving.

Long gone are the days of “airplane” – aka the interpretive dance of making a morsel of cold chicken appetizing to a toddler in a high chair.

And they’ve been replaced by an onslaught of “bruh” and “no cap.”

And “skibidi toilet.”

If you’re a Gen X parent trying to make sense of this landscape, here’s a quick guide for you.

Talk to the Hand!

I gotta admit, when it comes to slang I’m Peak Gen X.

After all, RadReads is my own homage to the skateboarding sub-culture (and Fast Times at Ridgemont High).

I remember dismissing my boomer parents with Whatever, describing crushes as bangin’ and using verbal misdirection by punctuating a sentence with Not!

But alas, the roles have been reversed.

Now I’m the one combing through TikTok and Reddit grasping to understand what the kids are saying these days.

Here’s my best attempt at deciphering it all:

Gen AlphaGen X
CapFo ‘real

For extra bonus points, here are a few sentences to make things even clearer.

Let’s remember that rizz is a noun.

She’s got serious rizz.

And that drip (also a noun) is a good thing.

“Youโ€™ve got drip man, all the drops from Supreme make you drippy.

And you can use cap to call out a lie. (Also, ๐Ÿงข on a social media post)

“Cap. It’s written all over your face.”

The penguins begin their journey

Why did I dedicate so much mind space to my 10-year-old’s slang?

Well, here’s a little story about baby penguins.

When a young emperor penguin is born, they spend several months being cared for and nurtured by both parents.

Then, as fledglings, they leave the colony and spend four years at sea.

They then return to the colony as adults, ready to find a mate and start their own families.

In this setting, I’m the old ass penguin – using all the tools at my disposal to hold onto the fledglings before they leave the colony.

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