Episode 5: Anastasia Alt

Episode 5: Anastasia Alt

The Business School of the World

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Anastasia Alt

Anastasia was destined to be an options trader since she was a little kid: she loved finishing at the top of the leader board during elementary school games and came up with her own brute-force approach multiplication tables. She then had her first shift, joining McKinsey and 18 months later found herself at a crossroads: Get her MBA or commit the money she would’ve spent and start building stuff. She chose the latter — “The business school of the world” as she calls it. Her thinking is crystal clear — on Love/dating/and relationships, the difference between aggressive and assertive, managing cash flow burn, and how much of our identity, for better or worse, is buried in the question “What do you do?”

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Show Notes

  • 2- American Studies and Economics at Columbia
  • 4- Early Childhood
  • 7- Option Trading on Wall Street
  • 15:30- Demonstrable Success
  • 18:30- Wall Street Advice
  • 23- Agressive vs. Assertive
  • 24:30- McKinsey
  • 31- Dating and Love
  • 43- Intentionality and Choice
  • 48:30- The Transition to Entrepreneurship
  • 57- Coaching Through Dreamspace


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