Episode 4: Fred Ehrsam

Why Leaving with No Plan, is the Best Plan

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Fred Ehrsam

Fred is an “OG” in the crypto world. But we barely talk crypto — instead, we talk about his journey. Fred joined Goldman as an FX Trader because it was “the cool kids” job, only to find an industry suffering from the classic Innovator’s Dilemma — one focused on extracting rents, instead of innovation. Fred’s such a crisp and honest thinker and we have a candid discussion covering objective achievement to define self-worth, the power of executive coaching (“I thought it as armchair therapy for the weak”), the naïve algorithm of life (“getting stuck at local maximums of happiness”), and how we humans are wired to be pleasure seeking, pain avoidant.

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Show Notes

  • 2:30- Starting at Goldman as a forex trader
  • 6:30- First dalliances with Bitcoin
  • 11:00 – From Wall Street to Silicon Valley, with no plan
  • 17:30 – Why Fred left Coinbase
  • 22:00 – Executive coaching — armchair therapy for the weak?
  • 28:30- The role of fear and insecurity in leadership
  • 32:00 – What we do to increase our self-worth
  • 37:00 – How important are resources do we need to achieve our goals?
  • 39:00 – Goal setting vs. living in the moment
  • 41:30- What does your day look like? (after leaving Coinbase)
  • 43:00- Silent Retreats and fully connecting with your deeper senses
  • 46:00 – The future of bitcoin and cryptocurrency
  • 48:00 – How blockchains will change the world
  • 51:00 – The Decentralization of the big Tech Cos
  • 53:30- How to get into bitcoin
  • 55:30- Do we use a naive algorithm in thinking of success and achievement?

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