Shirzad Chamine (Ep. 2): The big lie of fear and achievement

Shirzad Chamine (Ep. 2): The big lie of fear and achievement

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“Do you need to beat the crap out of yourself to succeed?” Shirzad Chamine is a NY Times Best-selling author and Stanford lecturer and has helped countless CEOs answer that question. He breaks down the big lie of fear and achievement. Shirzad’s work really helped me realize how much I self-sabotage and how to harness that energy to tap into our creativity. He’s coached countless executives and has no time for the “woo woo.” This is all about leveling up your mastery.

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Show Notes (in minutes)

  • 2 — anonymous CEO survey
  • 5 — we’re not alone in this secret suffering
  • 6 — The Tao Te Ching
  • 7 — Sage vs Saboteurs
  • 8 — How did you become a coach? “Interpersonal dynamics;” the dark judge
  • 9 — The Judge character
  • 12 — Shirzad’s experience as a venture-backed CEO
  • 13 — Shirzad finds himself on the wrong side of a board coup
  • 16 — Can nice guys/gals be judgmental?
  • 17 — Khe’s brutal self- judge
  • 18 — Will I lose my edge if I stop being hard on myself
  • 19 — The big lie of fear-based achievement
  • 21 — What primal force will you choose: fear or love
  • 24 — Are all negative emotions bad?
  • 29 — Fear in the face of emotional survival
  • 31 — At the end of the day it’s all about getting laid
  • 34 — Harness the sage
  • 39 — How do you activate the sage when your boss is yelling at you; The difference between judging and discernment
  • 41 — It’s about more than meditation
  • 43 — Your first PQ rep
  • 48 — What about the bigger fears, mortality in particular
  • 52 — Not everything is explainable
  • 53 — The difficulty in trusting things that you can’t intellectualize
  • 55 — Difference between knowledge and wisdom
  • 58 — How do I stop comparing myself to others
  • 1:05 — What’s on tap for Shirzad? Get this in every highs school and 6-week program for Sales and Leadership teams

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