Episode 16: Bart Lorang

This week’s guest, Bart Lorang, CEO and co-founder of FullContact

The world’s gonna have its way with you

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Bart Lorang, FullContact Founder and CEO on work-life balance, leadership, and relationships

Bart Lorang is the founder and CEO of FullContact. FullContact is a high-growth, venture-backed company (having raised $50 mm) with 250 employees and multiple offices across the world. Bart and I discuss work-life balance and how Bart balances self-care, spending time with two young kids, while being a devoted father/husband. Bart drops amazing CEO wisdom on how empathy can be learned, thwarting your team’s fight or flight reflex and how culture is meaningless if it doesn’t terrify people.

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Entrepreneurship as a manifestation to a childhood insecurity

What I was really solving was a problem my earlier DNA had as a child.. trying to help that child to connect with people. (8:37)

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Bart’s initial lack of empathy

“Empathy starts with understanding oneself, internalizing and vocalizing what is going on within you. If you can’t identify the emotional stuff going on inside you have zero chance of understand others.” (11:37)

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How to create a unique work culture

“You got to create a culture that is like a being from Mars, that if you don’t terrify people [from outside] then you don’t have of a strong enough culture” (30:02)

How long it takes the brain to disconnect from social media

“[I quantify the anecdotes] the median amount of time that it takes people to really come off this digital heroin of their devices and social media is about 72 hours” (33:40)

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(and Bart shared his awakening moment while being with his wife on a camel visiting the pyramid and checking his iPhone)

Our Fight or flight reflex: Does it originate from our need to control?

Control or trying to seize control is usually a response a threat… You try to control a situation because you are afraid it will harm you. Getting comfortable with whatever you are actually afraid of is useful to mitigate your control response (39:40)

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