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It’s a familiar pattern – within days of setting up Notion, you’ve created a page that’s not only functional and beautiful and you’re ready to share it with the world. Maybe it’s a GTD task manager that your colleague wants to use; the recipe database you use with your spouse; or a dashboard for a consulting client. Notion has sharing in its DNA and makes it super simple (i.e. just a single click) to share any page as a template.

How Notion templates work

Templates are Notion pages that you can import, use and modify in your individual workspace. You can find templates in Notion’s own template gallery, on Reddit and even via individual creators on Gumroad. Since all public Notion pages have URLs, templates can also be used as lead magnets or attached to social media profiles. If you’ve made a page accessible to the public as a template, once they land on the URL they’ll have the ability to duplicate the page into their workspace.

Create notion templates by duplicating public template to your workspace
Create Notion templates and share your mastery with the world, or duplicate existing templates into your own workspace.

How to share a template 

To share a page as template follow the following three steps:

Step 1: Share the individual page
Click on the top right share button to access sharing options.

Create notion templates and share the individual page
Sharing options are easy to find at the top of each page.

Step 2: Share to the web
First toggle the “share to the web setting” and then toggle the “allow duplicate as template.”

Create notion templates and share to the web and allow duplicate as template settings
It’s simple to turn each sharing setting on and off, and they can be changed at any time.

Step 3: Grab, then share the URL

Click on the “share as page link button.” If you want your page to be indexed by search engines, select the appropriate toggle.

Create notion templates and copy link to share as page
Copy your unique page URL and let the sharing commence.

Two quick warnings

Before you go bonkers sharing your templates, please consider two issues: privacy and related tables. Any page that is nested within the shared page (i.e. all sub pages) will also be accessible within the template. So check that you are ok with sharing sub-pages.

Next, if you have related tables (i.e. databases), the links will likely break – resulting in frustration for your users. So when creating templates, use the K.I.S.S. methodology: Keep it simple, stupid!

Lastly, this should not be confused with another powerful Notion feature: the template button. The template button allows the owner of a page to duplicate groups of blocks with one click and is powerful for creating logs, book notes and standardized entries (like a daily journal). While this is a separate feature, any template page that you share – can include a template button. It makes for a nice touch, so give it a shot!

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