Riding a bike is a double-bottom line personal investment

Riding a bike is a double-bottom line personal investment

Businesspeople are disciples of the bottom line. But what about the double bottom line? This concept originated from the world of social enterprises, but has “crossed over” into traditional business, ranging from Warby Parker (the one-for-one model) to Seventh Generation (removing toxic chemicals from their entire supply chain). This is a byproduct of an abundance mindset and it bucks the traditional assumption of capitalism: non-economic motivations (doing good) can actually enhance the bottom line.

I’m always on the lookout for double-bottom line situations in my own personal life and seem to have found it in an unlikely place. The bicycle. On the Rad Awakenings Podcast, Sir Kensington’s co-founder Scott Norton described his AsiaWheeling Enterprises, a 100 city and 23 country bike tour on a foldable bike. Scott adds:

So many things we’re graded on involve the intellectual. For me, the runner’s high is important to my sanity. The experience of riding a bike, exerting yourself every day gets your endorphins, dopamine, serotonin – the sunshine. I recommend everyone do something like that, it gives you so much perspective on the world outside of New York and develop empathy.

Many urban professionals (ahem, knowledge workers) fall into the trap over-indexing on the intellectual, at the expense of physical and manual labor. (And no, reading Sapiens on your Kindle in Central Park doesn’t qualify!)

But the simplicity of a bike as the distilled essence of humanity? C’mon man!?!? Uber-minimalist (and the grand-daddy of the Financial Independece, Retire Early, aka FIRE movement) shows that biking might be even a triple bottom line investment! Here is Mr. Money Mustache on the Mad Fientist podcast:

My golden rule is that everyone has to ride a bike. A bike is like a distilled essence of life: you get where you want to go, you get fitness, you get socialization, and bad-assidity as you’re forced to deal with nature. A bike is a microcosm of leading a good life. (And it also saves you a ton of money.)

So shed the fancy car (and the associated lifestyle creep), heck, ditch the Metrocard and hop on that single speed – destination, Happiness.

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