Perfect your craft: become a better writer

Perfect your craft: become a better writer

Regardless of your industry, writing is one of the most powerful forms of leverage. It enforces thought clarity, enables you to spread your insights, and tears down the walls of credentialing. Here are our favorite writing resources to get perfect your craft. This tweet captures it well:

Our favorite Links

The writing class I’d like to teach, by Jason Fried
Writing forces you to distill ideas. Start with a page, then a paragraph, then a sentence. Ties to Eugene Wei’s compression argument.

Write how you talk, by Paul Graham
This is even more true giving the rise of blogging as it’s own type of writing. Every time my writing wavers, it’s because I forget this.

Create your own luck with a writing practice, by Khe Hy
Never in a million years could I have imagined the doors that writing has opened for me and the clarity of thought it has enforced.

Ernest Hemingway Interview: The art of fiction, George Plimpton
The precision and meticulous of Hemingway’s writing practice dispels the notion of the “messy creative.”

Best of the Rest

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Recommended by Arjun Balaji (and others)


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