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Episode 10: Sam Polk This Week’s Sponsor: visit for a free month of classes “I am Enough” ? Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | RSS ? “The thing that I associate the most with Wall Street is loneliness.” ~Sam Polk Imagine getting a $3.6 million bonus at age 30? The dream scenario, right? This episode’s guest, Sam Polk made more …

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Lisa Shalett (Ep.8): You are where you’re supposed to be

This week’s episode is a story of career agility, embracing change, and living with intention. Lisa Shalett is a former Goldman Sachs partner, now board director and startup investor/advisor. At Goldman, Lisa held numerous leadership roles, including Japanese Equities, Global Compliance and Brand Marketing/Digital Strategy.

Kate Bednarski (Ep.7): Is This All There Is?

I often get asked the questions: What is a life coach? What does life coaching consist of? Does it work? Meet my coach, Kate Bednarski, hands down one of the most impactful people in my life. I’ve asked Kate to throw out all patient confidentiality constraints and crack open all of her notes from our coaching sessions.

Molly Crockett (Ep. 45): The neuroscience of social media outrage

What’s happening in our brains as we mindlessly scroll social media? Or worse, when we angrily retweet posts from our tribe. Molly Crockett is an assistant psychology professor at Yale University, where she integrates classic social psychology with neuroscience. She explains how our brain’s reward system works and how this ties to digital moral outrage. Does outrage …

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Episode 6: Srinivas Rao

Turning your Liabilities into your best Assets Subscribe: iTunes | Google Play | Subscribe And by liabilities, I mean “Angelina Jolie lips.” I’m not kidding, I never thought I’d open a podcast by asking another guy about his lips. And that’s only one of many similarities I share with this week’s guest, Srini Rao, the …

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Rad Jobs

Heart-Aligned work, from the Rad Community The best way to discover the dream job is to align yourself with great people. All of these roles are either curated or affiliated with members of the 16,000 person RadReads community. And if you’re stuck, in a transition, or beginning a new adventure you’ll dig the Rad Awakenings …

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Episode 5: Anastasia Alt

The Business School of the World Subscribe: iTunes | Google Play | Subscribe Anastasia Alt Anastasia was destined to be an options trader since she was a little kid: she loved finishing at the top of the leader board during elementary school games and came up with her own brute-force approach multiplication tables. She then had …

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Episode 4: Fred Ehrsam

Why Leaving with No Plan, is the Best Plan Play: iTunes | Google Play | SoundCloud | Email Newsletter Fred Ehrsam Fred is an “OG” in the crypto world. But we barely talk crypto — instead, we talk about his journey. Fred joined Goldman as an FX Trader because it was “the cool kids” job, only to find …

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Episode 3: Dan Shipper

The Scorecard is Learning Subscribe: iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | SoundCloud | Subscribe Dan Shipper Dan is a Wunderkid entrepreneur who has been building web apps since he was a kid. He went to Penn as a Philosophy major and bootstrapped his startup Firefly which he sold the same month as his graduation. So …

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