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The insecure, lonely teenage male strikes back with the “cuddle puddle”

TIL that a “cuddle puddle” is a sex and drug infused bacchanal for Silicon Valley’s elite. Personally, I don’t care what folks do in the privacy of their own mansions, but one paragraph from Emily Chang’s forthcoming book Brotopia stood out: But many of the A-listers in Silicon Valley have something unique in common: a lonely …

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The vexing and difficult art of holding opposing views

“Money makes people more of what they already are,” remarked my friend and fellow hedge fund investor Ted Seides. He continued, “If you are a greedy person, you’re going to want more money. If you’re a kind person, you’’re going to become even kinder.” This seemed uncontroversial.

Venkatesh Rao, creator of Breaking Smart and Ribbonfarm

Venkatesh Rao (Ep.27): The stress that makes you come alive

Venkatesh Rao defies labels — he’s a blogger, thinker and futurist, whose ideas span the digital economy, science, economics, and the zeitgeist. Rao is the creator of the Ribbonfarm and Breaking Smart blogs. We discuss “paycheck addictions” and the wave of transformation that’s going to hit the economy. Is becoming a free agent a way to stay ahead of the curve? How should a mid-career executive prepare? An immersion in the technology conversation is a must — but so is the ability to emotionally self-regulate.

Ted Seides (Ep.25): Money makes you more of what you already are

Let’s talk Hedge Funds! Ted Seides is a long time hedge fund investor and the host of the Capital Allocators Podcast. He’s a kindred spirit and we overlapped for a while during the go-go days of the hedge fund industry. While this industry has some of the smartest and hardest working individuals it’s got some perverse incentives, outright greed, and a breeding ground for the Three Es (Ego, Envy, Entitlement — all of which I experienced). The industry is undergoing tremendous change and we discuss sussing out internally motivated individuals, the keys to growing wealth, and how money makes you more… of what you already are.

Andrew Taggart (Ep.23): Skimming the surface of life

Andrew Taggart is a practical philosopher who works with executives and entrepreneurs. He challenges them to investigate life’s basic assumptions, even if it’s uncomfortable. We discuss high performers’ antagonistic relationship with time and their desire to turn life into a series of problems which can be resolved — and how this can mask our disorienting relationship with mortality. Instead of avoiding these question, we consider how “an examined life is a life lived more fully.”

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