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Thoughts think themselves

Here’s a thought experiment. An unfortunate accident leaves you with a scar on your face. You now must move through the world with a striking blemish that others don’t understand. As you start interacting with other people, you notice awkward body language, averted eyes, or abbreviated small talk. And from those interactions, your confidence and self-worth start to suffer. …

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The U-Bend of happiness

As a kid, did you ever dream of being a certain age? When I was really little, I wanted to be “big” so that I could go to work like my dad. Mostly because I loved the french fries in the cafeteria. As teenagers, my suburban friends would dream about the freedom that came at …

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Anthony Demby (Ep.32): Busy is not a business model

Anthony Demby the founder of HumbleRIOT an audible idea shop that sits at the intersection of artists, culture, brands and experiences. Prior to founding HumbleRIOT, Anthony cut his teeth in the music industry with a range of roles in A&R, publicity and artist management. He has worked with artists such as Quadron, John Legend, and Childish Gambino. We discuss hitting financial rock bottom as an entrepreneur (i.e. an ATM balance of $0), expanding the conversation around race and police violence, the lack of diversity in the wellness industry, his eight year meditation practice,  and Donald Glover’s “student of life mindset.”

Lauren Imparato (Ep.31): From the trading desk to the yoga mat

There’s the cliché of leaving Wall Street to become a Yoga instructor. And then there’s actually doing it. After leaving Morgan Stanley, Lauren went on to create RETOX, a wellness brand, Yoga studio, and best-selling book. We discuss mixing business and passion, using social media to build a brand, and the dangers of entrepreneurship as a form of escapism.

Test post

Here is a link to her book Twitter Here is my blockquote. What do you think of it? I hope you have a great day. You’re the best.”

Thomas Page McBee (Ep.30): Emotional detachment is a ticking time bomb

Thomas Page McBee is an author and journalist who writes about masculinity, and gender more broadly. Because Thomas is also trans, I entered the conversation with a preconceived set of beliefs, mostly based on the popular narratives I’d seen in media about trans people. Thomas and I discussed where his story and reporting diverged from those narratives, and helped me understand that gender is complicated for all of us. He’s got a unique and informed perspective on issues many men struggle with, including emotional detachment, gender policing, shame, and violence.

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