Khe Hy

Khe Hy is the creator of RadReads.

Does the perfect job exist?

Adulting is an Internet meme about the trials, tribulations and annoyances of adulthood. I mean, I get it; as an adult, the number of commitments attached to your name skyrocket. It starts with cooking your own meals, then figuring out how taxes work (and then paying them). And it often culminates with that big, open-ended …

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What’s your big domino?

I recently got sucked into the rabbit hole of credit card hacking. It all began with the purest of intentions. I wanted to ditch my Chase Sapphire card’s annual fee in favor of a straight 2% cash back card. But this five minute task quickly devolved into a 4 hour long expedition – robbing me …

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Notion Disclosure

I’ve fielded a bunch of questions from RadReaders about my rabid enthusiasm for Notion and the economics (or shall I say, lack thereof) behind this relationship. I’m not an advisor, investor, employee, nor an affiliate. I do manage community events in LA for Notion (as a Notion Ambassador), for which I’m “compensated” with pizza and …

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What’s your Gazingus Pin?

Screw you Instagram. Your years of digital snooping have trained your pernicious algo to know too much about me. My yearnings, my anxities, my guilty pleasures… and my gazingus pins. Instagram, you’re relentless with your digital onslaught; your perfectly timed sponsored posts seem to land when I hate myself the most (scrolling mindlessly at 11 …

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A superhero doll laying down

Is Superhuman worth it?

I’m on the permanent hunt for more Portrait Mode in my life. That’s the iPhone camera feature that lightly blurs the background, while sharpening your subject’s face. And instantly, all the photos of my kids look like they were snapped by a pro. Portrait mode is the ultimate high-leverage feature; it turns noobs into pros. …

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