Anthony Demby (Ep.32): Busy is not a business model

Anthony Demby the founder of HumbleRIOT an audible idea shop that sits at the intersection of artists, culture, brands and experiences. Prior to founding HumbleRIOT, Anthony cut his teeth in the music industry with a range of roles in A&R, publicity and artist management. He has worked with artists such as Quadron, John Legend, and Childish Gambino. We discuss hitting financial rock bottom as an entrepreneur (i.e. an ATM balance of $0), expanding the conversation around race and police violence, the lack of diversity in the wellness industry, his eight year meditation practice,  and Donald Glover’s “student of life mindset.”

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+ Buy the book Ant mentions in the show while on a trip to Peru [amazon_textlink asin=’B00292HMTE’ text=’Celestine Prophecy’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’khemaridhhy0a-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’acd6d6dd-ffdf-11e7-ac88-1dcb9a1851ef’], where unbeknownst to Ant, the author had experienced a similar awakening

Ant on a very impactful trip to the ATM

I didn’t have enough money to pull out to make the minimum withdrawal and it spit the receipt back out showing my balance… for some reason looking at that receipt… I got free from what hold money could have on me

Ant on entrepreneurship and ego

Whenever I feed my ego, it always wants more… it doesn’t stop wanting.

The unanticipated fear of success

I think sometimes I am scared of success (and the ensuing complacency); I am not scared of failing that much.

Ant reflections on the work ethic of Donald Glover

He’s not satisfied easily… he’ll make something that’s mind blowing to the world and then… he’s thinking: ‘you know, this could have been better and what’s the next thing gonna be?’…. I remember we would be at Bonnaroo and… he killed a show, and we are all going out afterwards and he is back at the bus recording a new song.

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