Abby Raphel (Ep.35): Stepping Into Your Shadow

Abby Raphel (Ep.35): Stepping Into Your Shadow

Abby Raphel is the founder of the Redwoods Initiative, an investment education company for wealthy families and the creator of the Blank Canvas Method for self-discovery. Abby grew up in a two stoplight town in rural Florida, where she raised hogs and swam competitively, and was exposed to leadership at a young age when she joined the Future Farmers of America. She started modeling in college and moved to New York with two bags and two phone numbers. But as a “broke and B-rate model,” she went on to teach young girls about self-esteem then founded Redwoods, where she helps the uber-wealthy navigate their money. And yes, just because you have money, it does not guarantee fulfillment and meaning. We also discuss self-improvement and privilege, the role of hyper-agents in effectuating change, and confronting your shadow.

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Meet Alfredo

Abby living in New York City

I only had enough for spaghetti, bread, and cheese and milk.

The ever present shadow

The shadow is the unmanifested, unconscious parts of ourselves that we have disowned....
Stepping into the shadow is getting to know the pain, the darkness, the things that we don't think exist within us.

The meaning of pain and its roots

What does this pain mean?.... Constantly having a conversation so it is not an enemy, it is a friend.

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