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The Rad Reads community is a curious bunch — always discovering stories, knowledge, and pearls of wisdom across a broad array of sources. This week, they curated a list of documentaries for us all to dig in to. For more curated bits of wisdom, subscribe to our weekly newsletter below!

The Square: Fear, loathing and passion in the early days of Egyptian revolution. Pauline Nguyen

Brother’s Keeper : It is a beautifully filmed and incredibly well-crafted story. Lauren Brown

Life Itself: The only thing Roger Loved more than the movies Perspective on the power of film as a means of connecting / inspiring people through the eyes of one of the most important film critics ever. Gil Ottensoser.

Herb and Dorothy — A couple’s passion for art allows them to become part of that world in a deep and meaningful way. John Nolan

Cutie and the Boxer: A meditation on how to live a creative life.

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry: I have never seen transparency like this before on China. And it comes through an unlikely source (not economics). @natekirk
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Pruitt-Igoe Myth: Shows how good intentions turn into bad policies that perpetuate themselves. Hudson Cashdan

Mexico Pelagico: An alternative to overfishing & avoiding shark extinction.

I Am: Awesome and inspiring answer to the questions “what is wrong with the world today and what can we do about it?” Delves into the science of interconnectivity. Sarah Berner

Best of Enemies: Political debate turns into anger and hate on national TV, 50 years ago. John Nolan

Searching for Sugarman : Incredible soundtrack accompanies a heartbreaking/beautiful portrait of a musician- with a twist! @elizabethegg

Citizenfour: While Snowden’s actions were questionable to national security, you understand the potential power the government has over all information and potential ability to craft whatever narrative they chose.

Something Ventured: Surprisingly digestible and entertaining history of the early days of American venture capital and Silicon Valley. @byheatherlong

Cocaine Cowboys: Fascinating insight into the growth of Miami + the cocaine epidemic.

The Salt of the Earth : Sebastia Saldago photography is as fascinating as his life, a breath taking doc. Sebastian Seehusen

Marley: The man found a way to truly communicate at scale by opening his heart. Oliver Guiness

Joan rivers: a piece of work Life and work. @evrygdboy

The Men Who Built America: An entertaining docu-series around many of the industrial developments that shaped America post the Civil War. BJBell

What happened Miss Simone? Amazing story of poor woman from South making it to NY as a classical musician ho becomes a self-taught jazz singer to make ends meet. Goes on to become a star, crashes, and then comes back. Documentary has now inspired a big budget Hollywood movie mired in controversy, ironically linked to what Simone attributed her career downfall to.

The Barkley marathons: the race that eats it’s young. It’s one of the last real ultras left.

Amy: Incredible talent. Moving. Haunting. No talking heads. Minimal voiceover. Eric Summer.

Maidentrip: It’s a great adventure. @brandongweber

Chefs Table: Inspiring in-depth look into the lives of different chef’s impacting the world. Mark Leveck

30 for 30: The Two Escobars: Fascinating look at cultural aspects of Colombia (or broadly South America) and the cross-section of sport and politics. @nickysid

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