Hi. I’m Khe Hy.


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I’ve been called Oprah for Millennials by CNN and the Wall Street Guru by Bloomberg. Before these silly names, I worked in finance.

I blog about transforming your relationship with time, work, money – and ultimately yourself. My writing is fluff-free and promises to push you out of your comfort zone, see for yourself.

I also teach the Supercharge your Productivity the premiere class on designing a system for doing $10,000/hr work.


What some of our (25,000+) readers are saying


NYT best-selling author

“Rad Reads is one of my favorite sources of new ideas about work and life. Khe is an excellent curator and skilled interviewer whose curiosity is contagious.”


Editor in Chief of Psychology Today

“RadReads is my favorite type of content: it combines heart and brain, helping readers introspect and find purpose via targeted tools and systems.


Makerpad Founder

“Khe and Notion go together perfect; not only does he know every detail (and beyond) of how to create and customize your own Notion space, but his understanding of personal productivity helps you use this skill in your day to day life.”


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